Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, with over 40,000 new cases diagnosed every year. UCLH is the London Cancer Centre for the surgical treatment of prostate cancer and accepts referrals across the London Cancer Network, nationally and internationally.

We offer robotic surgery, focal and ablative surgery as well as radiotherapy and high dose rate brachytherapy. Our surgeons are experienced high volume urologists and our oncologists and specialist nurses work as a team with referring hospitals to ensure that patients receiving treatment at UCLH continue to have follow-up at their local hospital close to home.

UCLH is the largest centre for robotic prostate surgery in the UK and we use the da Vinci® robotic surgical system to remove the prostate gland. Robotic surgery is a form of keyhole surgery, the surgeon controls miniaturised instruments to undertake the procedure. We and others have found that patients benefit from the precision of robotic surgery through a reduced recovery time, reduced pain following the procedure and from far less visible scarring.

At UCLH we have introduced focal therapy alongside radiotherapy, robotic surgery and active surveillance to ensure that men with prostate cancer have options and choice. We are innovators in the field of prostate cancer diagnostics. In November 2015, the team won the ‘Acute Sector Innovation’ Health Service Journal award for innovation in diagnosing and treating prostate cancer. The team have addressed how to better diagnose prostate cancer by utilising methods that require fewer, but more accurate biopsies. Our dedicated radiologists are world leaders in the field of prostate imaging and, working together we have pioneered techniques to improve the precision of prostate cancer diagnostics.

We recognise that being diagnosed with cancer can be a difficult time for you and those close to you. These web pages give you an overview of the expert care you can expect to receive at UCLH. You will also be introduced to the different type of healthcare professionals you may meet along the way. As a team offering the range of therapeutic and surveillance options, our aim is to be able to offer an individually tailored treatment option to ensure cancer control and minimise side effects for men with prostate cancer.

Patient contact

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To contact the Prostate Cancer CNS team, please email them at

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2-Week Wait Referral

All 2-Week Wait prostate cancer referrals should be sent via e-referrals to ‘2WW - Suspected Prostate Cancer - Triage Service - UCLH – RRV’. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept 2-Week Wait referrals via email or post.

Access to patient results

Results will be included in letters to GPs and consultants. However, GPs can also contact and if they need an urgent response.

Referral enquiries

For tertiary referrals, for second opinion and/or prostate cancer treatment, please ensure you send an ITR with all relevant information (clinic letters, diagnostic results/reports etc.) to This will then be processed and the patient will be contacted to book an appointment.

For non 2-Week wait GP referrals please contact if you are unable to find the non 2-Week Wait service to refer to on e-referrals.

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Prostate cancer (Focal)
Department of Urology
16-18 Westmoreland Street