Granting other people access to your medical record (Proxy Access)

Can I view the health record of a family member via my patient portal account?

Yes, as long as your family member has a patient portal account and they have granted you proxy access to their medical records. You will then be able to access their health records via your own MyCare UCLH account. What can be accessed depends on the proxy relationship. Some settings will allow you to only view appointment times, however in other instances you will be able to ask questions of administrative staff or clinicians on behalf of the patient (in this example, on behalf of your family member).

My spouse and I are both patients at UCLH; can we share one MyCare UCLH account?

No, each individual should have their own account. However you can name them as a proxy user, which would enable them to access your patient records using their patient portal account.

Can I use my patient portal account to ask questions regarding the health matters of a family member?

No. Your patient portal account is linked to your health records and designed for that use. However, please see the section below on ‘Proxy Access’.

How can I protect myself from unauthorised people using my patient portal account?

As a patient you should never give others access to your portal account by providing them with your username and confidential password. However you can name them as a proxy, which would enable them to access your patient records using their MyCare UCLH access.

Can my carer have access to my medical records?

Yes, but only if you decide that you would like them to become a proxy. You should not provide them with the username and password to your patient portal account. Note: as a patient you will always be able to cancel proxy access.