Trust Board self-certification –General Condition 6 NHS Provider Licence Compliance

The Trust is required to self-certify whether or not it has complied with the general conditions G6 of the NHS provider licence. The views of the Board are informed by the work of the Audit Committee throughout the year as well as by the conclusions drawn from the Annual Governance Statement, included in the UCLH Annual Report.

General Condition 6 – Systems of Compliance with Licence Conditions

Following a review for the purpose of paragraph 2(b) of licence condition G6, the Directors of the Licensee are satisfied that, in the Financial Year most recently ended, the Licensee took all such precautions as were necessary in order to comply with the conditions of the licence, any requirements imposed on it under the NHS Acts and have had regard to the NHS Constitution.

The Board approved the statement at a meeting on 20 June 2023 and confirmed compliance with General Condition 6