At University College Hospital education is provided for inpatients of school age on the paediatric floor (T11) and the adolescent floor (T12). We also teach, by arrangement, young people attending The Macmillan Cancer Centre on Huntley Street. 

The School is run by staff from The Children's Hospital School based at both Great Ormond Street and UCH. The staff includes a senior manager, primary and secondary teachers, teaching assistants and volunteers. Permanent and part-time staff are complemented by regular visits from the Connexions service, artists, musicians, museum outreach services and a range of distance/ online learning resources.

School Aims

The Children’s Hospital School seeks to minimise the interruption and disruption to children and young people’s education so that academic progress and an interest in learning will continue, as far as medical circumstances permit.

In order to fulfil this we aim to:

  1. Provide personalised, challenging, enjoyable and innovative learning opportunities 
  2. Make learning an integral part of a pupil's stay in hospital
  3. Foster the values of friendship and determination
  4. Prepare and empower pupils in the present and for the future
  5. Support, nurture and value families and carers

Age range

We teach pupils of statutory school age from Year 1 - Year 13 inclusive. Long stay and recurring pupils, younger or older than statutory school age, may be taught if they have a statement of special educational needs/ Educational Health Care Plan. 


There are well resourced schoolrooms on both T11 and T12 and all beds on both floors have access to Internet.

Teaching Hours

The schoolrooms are organised to accommodate small groups of pupils, and have set but flexible timetables. 

Long stay and recurring pupils who are unable to access the schoolrooms may be taught on the ward. The length of individual teaching time on the ward depends on many factors (medical condition, length of stay, exam requirements, special educational needs, teacher availability etc.) but is approximately one hour per day.

For further information about the Hospital School and admissions please visit: 

The Hospital School
T12, University College Hospital
235 Euston Road
NW1 2BU 
Telephone:  020 3447 1292 

Located on the paediatric ward on the 11th floor at UCH, our primary schoolroom enables long stay primary aged inpatients on T11 to continue in education during their admission.

Our primary teacher and teaching assistant provide innovative and engaging learning opportunities both in the schoolroom and at the bedside and work closely with home schools to help minimise the impact of a long admission on a patient’s education.


Located on the adolescent ward on the 12th floor at UCH our secondary schoolroom enables long stay secondary inpatients on T12 to continue in education during their admission.

Our team of secondary teachers are adept at keeping patients motivated and focussed on their learning through their admissions. They work closely with home schools and ensure that those working towards exams are appropriately supported/prepared.