University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to delivering top-quality patient care, excellent education and world-class research.

As an NHS Foundation Trust, we are accountable to our patients and the public. Our members have a key role in the Trust’s governance; they elect representatives to sit on our Council of Governors, which in turn appoints the Chair and other Non-Executive Directors to the Board of Directors and oversees the performance of the Board.

Members are our staff, our patients and members of the public. We believe that involving our members, patients and the public in decisions about services is an integral part of meeting the needs of the communities we serve. Membership helps give those communities a voice in the running of the Trust and shaping our plans for the future.

Members are represented by our Council of Governors. The governors advise UCLH on issues that are important to patients and the wider community, and work with the hospital to ensure we provide the best possible service for our patients.

At UCLH, we would like to offer our membership community a real connection with the Trust. In February 2022, we surveyed our members to help us understand the needs and expectations of our membership.

The Membership Engagement Survey Report 2022 provides an overview of the feedback we received and summarises our plan to build an inclusive and more actively engaged membership; one that has a real voice in helping to deliver visible improvements to patient care.