Kidney cancer is the eighth most common cancer in adults in the UK, with more than 10,000 people diagnosed each year. 

In many cases, kidney cancer is diagnosed after routine scans and check-ups for other conditions, as it doesn't always have obvious symptoms. If your GP or doctor suspects that you might have kidney cancer, they may refer you to UCLH for further tests. These tests could include scans like ultrasound, CT or MRI, and could involve minor procedures such as cystoscopy/ureteroscopy (a telescope test which looks into the bladder and/or ureter which is the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder) or a biopsy of your kidney which involves taking a sample of the kidney tissue with a needle. 

Following a diagnosis your care will be transferred to the specialist centre for kidney cancer at the Royal Free Hospital which has been set up to coordinate kidney cancer treatment across north central London, north east London and west Essex. 

Please see The Royal Free Hospital website for further information. 

Following treatment,you may have your care returned to your referring hospital or continue having to have follow-up and on-going surveillance at the Royal Free if you wish. 

General enquiries

Other contact information

Maria Teresa Marquez, Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist for Renal and Upper Tract Cancers
Telephone: 07971 593128

Other referral information

2-Week Wait Referrals

Please send all 2-week wait referrals for all urological cancers via the following channels:


Fax: 0203 447 9932

Phone: 0203 447 9599

Access to patient results

Results will be included in letters to GPs and consultants. However, GPs can also contact the relevant PA by phone or post.

Referral enquiries

For queries after a 2-week wait referral has been confirmed to have been received, or for non-2-week wait referrals, please use the following contact:

Tel: 0203 447 9485