Publish date: 16 February 2023

We have recently had communication from Abbott regarding the FreeStyle LibreLink and FreeStyle Libre 3 Android apps.

Abbott have discovered that when using smartphones with the Android 13 operating oystem (OS), you may experience periods of signal loss in the FreeStyle LibreLink and FreeStyle Libre 3 Android apps. During this time, you will not receive high/low glucose alarms and FreeStyle Libre 3 users will not receive glucose readings.  

If experiencing signal loss, Abbott advise:

  • Turn Bluetooth OFF and then ON again from your Android smartphone settings or
  • Turn your smartphone OFF and then ON again

Configure signal loss alarm to be ON with “Override Do Not Disturb” enabled. Please refer to for more information on how to configure alarms. 

If you have not already upgraded your smartphone OS to Android 13 and are using the FreeStyle LibreLink or FreeStyle Libre 3 App, Abbott advise you to delay upgrading until you receive additional notice from Abbott.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please call Abbott Customer Service at 0800 170 1177.

The full field safety notice can be found here.