Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) are specialists in assessment and management of feeding, eating, drinking, swallowing, speech, language, communication and development. Often these difficulties are complex and we strive always to deliver care which is family centred, evidence based, developmentally appropriate and relevant to each family with whom we work.

The SLTs work as part of the multi-disciplinary teams who are there to support babies’, children’s or teenagers’ difficulties.  Input includes specialist assessment, therapy sessions and preparing for discharge. We work closely with families and the team within the hospital and also have established links with therapy teams in the community.

Where we work:

  • The Neonatal Unit at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital: NICU, HDU, SCBU and TC
  • The Paediatric ward at University College Hospital (UCH): T11S ward
  • The Children & Teenage Young Peoples Cancer Service at UCH:T11N and T12N wards

Email: uclh.acutepaedsslt@nhs.net  


  • SLT Department: 0203 447 9289
  • Neonatal and Children’s SLT: 07971776301
  • Children’s Cancer SLT: 07971776303