The Eastman Dental Hospital Education Centre (EDHEC) aims to offer high quality education and training for the whole dental team ranging from supporting pre-registration students to upskilling experienced clinicians, with the provision of excellent patient care at its core.

The Eastman, a combination of the EDI and EDHEC, is one of the largest postgraduate dental hospitals in the United Kingdom, with a world class reputation for providing excellent dental care, research and teaching, Dentists from all over the world come to the hospital to enhance and develop their skills through training utilising the most advanced techniques in dentistry.

In addition, we offer further dental education and training courses including: 

  • CPD
  • modular courses
  • webinars
  • pre-registration degrees and apprenticeships
  • work experience and observership opportunities

Many of our courses provide a valuable chance to collaborate with and work alongside all members of the dental team and become an integral part of the Eastman ethos while undergoing your training. 

Director of Dental Education – Dr Ulpee Darbar  
Associate Director of Dental education – Mr Minesh Patel