UCLH is committed to reducing health inequalities and improving the population’s health. Our lifestyles are increasing the risk of preventable disease and are affecting our wellbeing. Population Health and Prevention is an approach that has the potential to help address these challenges, improve health outcomes and reduce the number of future hospital visits.

We have created the Health Hub in the ground floor atrium of our University College Hospital site at 235 Euston Road. The Health Hub provides links to community groups and other sources of advice for patients and staff who visit our hospital. Information and links provided at the Health Hub are mirrored on this webpage.

To support our patients and staff to live healthier lifestyles, we have put together some links to useful information sources and places where you can find support. We hope you will find these helpful in leading a healthy lifestyle.

North Central London Integrated Care Board offers advice and information for a range of local and national services.

Voluntary Action Camden has links to charities and community groups across Camden; you can access the social prescribing network and find out about community groups.

Castlehaven is a community association in Camden providing a variety of community activities and opportunities for people of all ages, cultures, abilities and backgrounds.

Breathe Stop Smoking Service offers support and advice from a friendly team of specialist advisors, for residents of Camden and Islington.

One You Camden offer a range of advice and ideas to help you take steps to a healthier lifestyle.

NHS Live Well offers advice about healthy living including eating a balanced diet, healthy weight, exercise, quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol.

For further information please contact uclh.healthhub@nhs.net