Research is an important part of a large sarcoma service, and so we run many clinical trials. These investigate new drugs that may be useful in sarcoma, or new ways of giving established treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. We can also have trials trying to find out more about sarcomas, by asking patients if we can use a sample of their tumour and/or a blood test to learn more about how these cancers develop. All our patients are given the opportunity to take part in any clinical trials for which they are suitable if they wish.

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Clinical trials are a very important part of cancer treatment. They allow us to learn about new drugs and treatments, and how they should fit in with current treatments, in a controlled way. They also help us to learn how best to use the treatments that we have. Clinical trials are important for patients as it allows them to try new drugs or treatments that they couldn't otherwise access. At UCLH we run a large number of clinical trials for both bone sarcomas and soft tissue sarcomas. We have a team of clinical trial practitioners, a paediatric cancer research nurse, and a data manager to run the studies and oversee patients while they are taking part in studies.

Clinical Trials Practitioners/Research Nurses

  • Sarah Taylor
  • Chloe Walding
  • Swad Timbo
  • Tara Searle

Data Manager

  • Sarah Maziliauskas