Sarcomas can arise as primary tumours in the lungs and the chest, although more commonly secondary lung tumours can develop in the lungs, spreading from primary tumours elsewhere in the body. The sarcoma team works closely with a specialised team of thoracic surgeons based at the Royal Brompton Hospital, who have many years' experience of complex sarcoma lung surgery. Patients are discussed at a weekly dedicated Thoracic Sarcoma MDT Meeting.


I completed basic surgical training in London and went on to complete a Masters of Science in Surgical Science. Following this I completed higher surgical training in Yorkshire – rotating between St James’s University Hospital in Leeds, the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield and Castle Hill Hospital (part of the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust) in Hull.

I attend a multidisciplinary team meeting discussing the management of patients with sarcoma on a weekly basis. I operate on both adult and paediatric patients with either primary or secondary sarcomas involving the chest.

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My practice includes the treatment of wide range of different thoracic diseases and conditions. However, a large part of my work now involves the treatment of primary and secondary soft tissue and bone sarcomas affecting the chest.

I attend regular multi-disciplinary team meetings discussing the management of patients with sarcoma. I undertake the surgical treatment of both adults and children with sarcomas involving the chest.

I was awarded my MD by the University of London for research that I undertook at Imperial College investigating the inflammatory response of the lung in response to major chest surgery.

We are actively involved in the study of the treatment of patients with Sarcoma both arising in the chest and also secondarily spreading to the lungs. We have recently delivered several presentations about our findings at a number of national meetings.

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I completed my clinical training at St Bartholomew’s and University College London Hospitals. I completed a PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital which looked at the genes that predispose patients to prostate cancer.

I now specialise in the treatment of soft tissue and bone sarcomas using chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I have a strong interest in clinical research and am currently in the process of developing a number of new local and national research projects in sarcoma. I teach and lecture regularly in the management of sarcomas.

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I was educated and started my training in Internal Medicine in Greece. I also conducted my PhD at University of Ioannina in angiogenesis and proteolysis in cancer of unknown primary site. I completed my specialist training in Oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London during a 3 years fellowship. I followed an academical career in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and I led the Medical Oncology Department during my last year of my stay there. In 2015 I was appointed as a Consultant Medical Oncologist at UCLH and I am exclusively treating patients with bone and soft tissue sarcomas with systemic treatment within the London Sarcoma Service.

I have a strong interest in clinical trials across multiple tumor types and more recently in sarcoma, acting as principal and co-investigator for a number of national and international trials. Since my early days in my career, I was involved in the conduction of early clinical trials both in UK and Greece with novel agents and I have experience in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic models. 

I have published more than 100 publications in per reviewed journals in clinical and translational research and I regularly teach and lecture in the management of sarcomas. I also hold an honorary clinical senior lectureship contract with UCL and I contribute to the teaching of the medical students. I am member of several scientific organizations including British sarcoma Group, EORTC Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma Group, ESMO, ASCO, HeSMO etc.

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Franel Le Grange resize2.jpgI trained as a Clinical Oncologist in South Africa and was awarded a CESR in Clinical Oncology by the Royal College of Radiologist. I have worked with the London Sarcoma Service at University College Hospital since 2009 and now specialise exclusively in the treatment of sarcomas.

I developed an interest in sarcoma during my training and now specialise in the management of bone and soft tissue sarcomas as well as fibromatosis. I have a special interest in developing the use of advanced radiotherapy techniques for the treatment of sarcomas and to that end I am involved in research funded by the Bone Cancer Research Trust and Cancer Research UK. I have an interest in education and I am involved in teaching both medical students and specialty trainees.

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IRP_2_437a resize.jpgI am a trained paediatrician with sub-specialist recognition in paediatric oncology. My cancer training was carried out in the Yorkshire Regional Department of Paediatric Oncology and Haematology.

I currently work within the children’s and young people cancer service at University College Hospital (CYPCS), site-specialising within the sarcoma service.

I completed my MD (University of Leeds) at the Candlelighter’s laboratory (CRUK, Leeds) in the application of molecular diagnostics in rhabdomyosarcoma. I currently have a strong interest in clinical trials in sarcoma, acting as principal investigator for a number of national and international trials.

I am actively involved in coordinating sarcoma research at a national level as a member of the CCLG Sarcoma working Group, and am a member of the Connective Tissue Oncology Society. I am also a board member of the teenage and young adults with cancer (TYAC) group – a professional group for specialists in young people’s cancer care.

I regularly teach and lecture on the management of sarcomas in children and adolescents, as well as generic lecturing on aspects of adolescent cancer care.

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I am a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist. My clinical post is based at University College London Hospital, part of the London Sarcoma Service, one of the largest sarcoma services in Europe. I specialise in the systemic treatment of bone and soft tissue sarcomas in both adults and teenagers.

I began training as a medical oncologist working on the adolescent unit at the Middlesex Hospital where I developed an interest in sarcoma and teenage and young adult (TYA) cancer.  I completed a Cancer Research UK Clinical Fellowship to obtain a PhD (University of London) at St Bartholomew's Hospital investigating pre-clinical and clinical effects of novel treatments for cancer, and investigating translational markers to improve their effects. In 2009, I was awarded a Career Development Award from the Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration (SARC), which allowed me to further my research aiming to identify new targets for the treatment of sarcoma; work that is ongoing in the UCL Cancer Institute. I have a strong interest in translating these findings into benefit for patients and early phase clinical trials, particularly in sarcomas affecting teenagers and young adults.

I am the chief investigator and principle investigator for a number of international and national phase I, II and III studies in sarcoma and am leading a national cohort study in osteosarcoma, ICONIC. I chair the NCRI Sarcoma Clinical Studies Group Bone Subgroup and was recently appointed Chair of the Executive Committee of the European EuroEwing consortium (EEC), a pan-European collaboration to improve outcome for patients with Ewing sarcoma. I am a member of the EORTC Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma Group and Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer (ITCC) consortium and am the Clinical lead for Sarcoma and rare cancers for the Public Health England (PHE) National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS). Here, I am particularly interested in understanding variations in patient pathways and access to specialist services to reduce inequalities and improve outcome for patients with rare cancers.

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RachaelWindsor.jpgI am a paediatrician with a sub-specialist interest in oncology. I work within the Children and Young People’s Cancer Service and the London Sarcoma Service at UCLH, specialising in the treatment of children and young people with bone and soft tissue sarcoma. My other clinical interest is the long-term effects of cancer treatment and I am one of the core clinicians running the UCLH Late Effects Service. I completed my MD Res in the pharmacogenomics of osteosarcoma chemotherapy and am involved in an ongoing international collaboration. I currently hold the position of North Thames Clinical Research Network joint Specialty Research Lead for Cancer – Children, Sarcoma and Teenage/Young Adults, advocating for the involvement of children and young people in cancer clinical trials.

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Andrew Nicholson updated jan 19 resize.jpgI have particular expertise in thoracic pathology and conduct research into thoracic cancers, including sarcomas, lung cancer, mesothelioma and thymic tumours, as well other thoracic diseases such as interstitial lung disease. I am referred over 300 cases each year for diagnosis from clinicians and other pathologists both nationally and internationally. I lecture regularly at regional, national and international levels, both as a guest speaker at international conferences and as a stand-alone teacher at specific lung pathology courses.  I am past chair of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) Pathology Panel, as well as a member of the IASLC Staging and Prognostic Factors Committee. I have co-authored over 380 peer-reviewed publications, and also co-authored Pathology of the Lung, second and third editions (Churchill Livingstone 2006 and 2011) with B Corrin, and am a Volume Editor of the 2015 WHO classification of lung, pleura, thymus and heart tumours.

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Anand Devaraj resize.jpgI am part of the radiology team at the Royal Brompton Hospital and specialize in a number of areas in thoracic imaging including the imaging of pulmonary sarcoma, pulmonary nodules and lung cancer. I have published a number of research papers on the subject of CT imaging in thoracic oncology and screening, and am invited to speak at national and international meetings in this area.

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Clinical Nurse Specialists

My role is to provide support and information to anyone undergoing cancer treatment at the Royal Brompton Hospital. I see patients and their relatives/carers from pre-op to post discharge and act as a link to the rest of the sarcoma team. My work is mainly with the Thoracic Surgical Team. I deal with a range of primary and secondary thoracic cancers as well as sarcoma. My main interest is promoting effective communication and I am an accredited facilitator for the National Communication Skills Training Course.