Publish date: 28 April 2021

Being diagnosed with cancer can be an anxious time for anyone, but the current pandemic can make it even more difficult. The University College Hospital Macmillan Support and Information Service has launched a new online wellbeing programme to offer support and advice to anyone affected by cancer or a blood condition.  

We have developed a wide variety of workshops, groups and courses that people can sign up to. These include workshops about managing fatigue, improving sleep, being active and managing emotions.

We have also released a number of videos on the same topics that we encourage people to watch before attending the workshop. You can see more information about the workshops and the videos on our wellbeing programme page.

Catrina Davy, cancer information specialist at the Macmillan Support and Information Service, said: “We know that with the right support, advice and information people can manage their cancer journey well. These workshops enable people to get help and support and also to meet others going through similar situations to them.”  

You can speak to a support and information specialist to find out more about what we offer by calling 020 3446 3816 or emailing