Publish date: 19 May 2023

Every young person with type 1 diabetes requires an individual health care plan (IHCP) for school.

As a team we have decided to use the nationally approved Individual Health Care Plans (school care plans) produced by Digibete

We will no longer be approving any of the old style school care plans.

When you are updating your school care plan, this is what happens and what you need to do:

  1. Ensure you/your child have downloaded and set up the Digibete app. Please make sure the name of your child or young person is correctly entered into the app even if you have signed up as a parent. You can find out how to sign up here. The clinic code is 6EUXO
  2. Email the team and ask for a care plan to be started. When you email, please give your child's full name and date of birth, the email address you wish us use for you, the name of your school, a point of contact and their email address. If we don't have all of this information or the app isn't set up, the care plan cannot be generated
  3. Once the care plan has been started, it is then transferred to you (parent/carer). You will receive 2 separate communications from Digibete – an email containing your invite code AND a second email or SMS, containing your ‘check’ code. This second part of the process is part of the verification process.
  4. You will need to complete all sections. This process has been designed to be completed in a linear, step by step fashion. When you are initially writing the care plan, you cannot skip to other sections. However, you will be able to move to different sections, once all sections have been completed and you are editing the plan. You can do this part with the school if you wish (it will make the review process quicker).
  5. Once you have finished press ‘Save and submit’ – this saves the care plan, and will allow the UCLH team to review, edit if necessary, and put into review mode. If any changes have been made by the UCLH team, you will be sent the care plan to review and agree. You will be notified of this by email from Digibete.
  6. The care plan is then sent to the school to review. The school are unable to edit the care plan. It will be sent to the email address you provide to us (see No 2 above). Once reviewed, the school then transfer back to UCLH team. 
  7. Once the care plan is finalised, you and the school can download a PDF copy. It can also be viewed through the Digibete app. The Digibete care plan remains in the app and can be updated or annually reviewed as required by starting a new round of edits.

As each care plan requires the approval of you (parents/carers), the UCLH diabetes team and the school, please allow at least 2 weeks for the care plan to be generated. If the care plan results in queries from you, the UCLH team or the school, please be prepared for the process to take longer.

If you are updating the care plan in the school holidays, please be prepared to wait longer as the school will not be able to approve until term restarts.