A colposcopy is a simple procedure used to look at the cervix, the lower part of the womb at the top of the vagina. It's often done if cervical screening finds abnormal cells in your cervix. 

These cells often go away on their own, but sometimes there's a risk they could eventually turn into cervical cancer if not treated.

A colposcopy can confirm whether cells in your cervix are abnormal and determine whether you need treatment to remove them.

Our dedicated colposcopy service is run by consultants and clinical nurse specialists. We receive direct referrals from the laboratory as well as GP's. 

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Following an abnormal smear women are often referred to us to see our specially trained colposcopy nurses and doctors, who can further diagnose the problem.

Generally, you will have been referred to our Colposcopy Department because your smear test results show evidence of abnormal cells or are unsatisfactory.
This is not unusual: about 1 in 12 smears reveal cell changes.

We also receive referrals for women with cervical polyps (small growth on the cervix) or other minor symptoms. The specialist equipment we use allows the examination to be more effective in these cases.

We offer a full range of colposcopy clinics depending on the reason why your doctor has referred you.  You will be seen in one of the following clinics:

  • Referral/new appointment
    This involves a colposcopy examination, when tests are taken to confirm a diagnosis and to evaluate whether you may need a small treatment of the cervix
  • See & treat appointment
    This is a one-stop clinic where you can have your initial examination and treatment on the same day, if appropriate#
  • Nurse-led smear clinics
    Here, women, at low risk of developing cervical cancer but who cannot be discharged to their own GP, can have their smears performed by our specially trained nursing staff
  • Post-treatment clinic
    In which women are seen for a follow up after they have received treatment for pre-cancer of the cervix