Cancer patients require frequent venous access to receive what are often very intensive and toxic treatments. Having central venous access for these treatments makes a tremendous difference to the quality of life of our patients. We place a range of central venous access including PICC lines, central lines, vascaths, tunneled lines and portacaths. We place most of the lines in a dedicated theatre. But we also provide an outreach service and provide lines at the bedside.

cn8.jpgHello, I first set up this nurse-lead service in 2001. Since my very first central line placement we’ve come a long way: the service has constantly innovated and expanded. This has resulted in patients getting exceptionally high standards of venous access care - something that is all so important for patients in their cancer journey’s. We have a great small team and my leadership philosophy is to model and foster high standards of safety, innovation and kindness.   Liz - Advanced Nursing Practitioner


What our nurses say...

I've worked within Cancer Services at UCH for 7 years now and joined the Central Venous Access team nearly 3 years ago. I’m very pleased with the service that we provide people. I really enjoy the type of work we do and the time I get to support cancer patients. I like the positive interactions we have with other nursing teams on the wards and in the cancer centre and of course with my lovely CVC colleagues. The autonomy is nice, as is the teams work ethic and drive to always improve our service led by Liz. Selena, Clinical Nurse Specialist.