For families who would like to upgrade their tandem pump, to be able to use Control IQ:

You will have seen that Tandem have now released software updates that will add Control IQ technology to the Tandem T-slim pump.

When using Dexcom G6, this enables you to use the second of 2 predictive insulin delivery technologies. The first was Basal IQ. The second is Control IQ which was launched this month.

Control IQ advanced hybrid closed loop technology adjusts insulin delivery to help prevent high and low glucose levels, whilst the pump wearer will still manually bolus for meals. Following the completion of training, users of the pump will be able to log in from home to the Tandem Device Updater and using a unique identification number, initiate the download of the new software to their pump.

UCLH has asked that Air Liquide do not contact families under the care of the paediatric diabetes team at this current time. This is because:

  • The team need to undertake training on this system first – we have organised this over the next couple of weeks (the training was not available to us up until now)
  • Once Control IQ has been downloaded to your pump, you will not be able to turn it off and return to using only Basal IQ. If you do not like Control IQ or it does not provide the results you were hoping for, you will only be able to return your pump to a ‘manual pump’. We will not provide early upgrades to an alternative pump if you make this decision. We have communicated with Air Liquide that we are disappointed that a factory reset is not possible.
  • The team want to understand the algorithm so that we can clinically advise you as to whether you will benefit from this newest software.
  • Control IQ has settings that cannot be changed – insulin duration is set at 5 hours; basal insulin is decreased at 6.25mmol/L; basal is suspended at 3.9mmol; basal is increased at 8.9mmol/L and a correction is given at 10mmol/L
  • Tandem state that Control IQ is not suitable for those children and young people who are on less that 10 units TDD and more than 100 units TDD (or a weight less than 25kg or more than 140kg)
  • This software update is not compulsory.

Once we have had the opportunity to do this, we will be contacting families under the care of UCLH about upgrading their pump with the Control IQ software.