Publish date: 07 November 2023

The support and information specialists were shortlisted for a self-care innovation award. The award recognises the achievements of the team in developing and delivering a package of support for patients who are about to start chemotherapy. The package of support includes:


Telephone clinic

A support and information specialist calls people who are about to start chemotherapy to introduce them to the UCLH Macmillan Support and Information Service (MSIS). The specialist also assesses peoples’ self-care needs.


We know that people learn in different ways. So, we then offer a range of support in different formats to meet the needs of each person.


Educational videos

People are given details on how to access a package of educational videos produced by the UCLH MSIS team. The videos are on the following topics:


Wellbeing programme

People are given information on the other wellbeing support offered by the support and information team. The wellbeing programme consists of groups that meet either in person or online:


Information booklets 

We have a library of Macmillan booklets offering self-care advice. There is a range of information on topics such as talking to children when you have cancer, your work rights when you have cancer, and treatment options.


Online resources

We also have an online directory of resources which give information and support to address the concerns people affected by cancer may have.


To get more information on the support we offer:

  • Visit our website
  • Call 020 3447 3816
  • Drop into the UCLH MSIS, on the ground floor of the UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre.


There’s more info about the award and the package of care on the Self Care Forum website.