Referring to services at UCLH 

Practices to refer via the NHS e-referral service: if no slots are available then refer using 'Defer to Provider'. Please be aware some services will be changing to a Referral Assessment Service, where the referral will be triaged before booking. The patient booking team will then contact the patient with an appointment.

Advice and Guidance varies from the Advice and Guidance function of the e-referral service to Consultant Connect.

On the home page of the UCLH website there is a link to COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Information for patients and visitors, which contains service updates.

Referral contact:

In line with national Department of Health priorities, we ask all those referring from primary care to any of our hospitals to use NHS e-referrals wherever possible.

However, for certain specialised services, NHS e-referrals may not be available. In these cases, we accept written referrals. Some services also have their own specific referral forms.

Other useful links:

Before referring patients to UCLH, please see our guide to referral.

Return to a walk-in service for UCLH X-ray GP Direct Access

As of Tuesday 1 February 2022, the X-ray GP Direct Access service for patients will return to a fully walk-in service.

Request forms should be given to the patient to bring with them when they attend for their X-ray. The form must be signed with a wet signature, or state the GPs name and GMC number. Request forms continue to have a three month expiration date.

Opening times for X-ray, Lower Ground Floor, UCH, 235 Euston Road for GP patients are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm
  • Less busy times for patients are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30am-5:30pm

Please inform your patients they may now attend for their X-ray without the need for an appointment, but be aware they may have to wait to be seen upon their arrival if the department is busy.

For general enquiries, please contact the UCH radiology team via

For clinical enquiries, please contact the UCLH imaging secretaries via


Cardiology contact:

The NHS Constitution gives patients the right to access services within maximum waiting times, or for the NHS to take all reasonable steps to offer them a range of suitable alternative providers if this is not possible.

This right is a legal entitlement protected by law, and applies to the NHS in England. The maximum waiting times are described in the Handbook to the NHS Constitution.

To help us achieve this, if you are a general practitioner or dentist:

  • Use the NHS e-referrals service (formerly choose and book).
  • Outline to your patient that the time from referral by you to their treatment will be no more than 18 weeks. Ideally, your patient should be prepared to attend outpatient appointments, diagnostic tests and admission to hospital for treatment within this time.
  • If your patient is going away for two or more weeks consider referring them on their return, if their condition is not urgent.
  • Patients that make themselves unavailable within the timeframes or do not attend their appointments will be discharged back to your care.
  • Please make your patient aware that if they miss their appointment they will be discharged back to your care.