Our Emergency Department (ED) or Accident and Emergency (A&E) service provides ready access to high-quality nursing and doctor care to patients. The Children and Young People’s Emergency Department provides access to high levels of clinical care to all children and young people up to 18 years old.

Our Acute Medical Unit (AMU) comprises a 36-bed unit located on the first floor of the tower at University College Hospital (UCH). Its primary role is to provide rapid assessment, diagnosis, stabilisation, observation and early treatment of patients from the ED and GPs irrespective of their underlying diagnosis. It is co-located with an 18-bed Enhanced Care Unit (ECU), which provides care for patients who may need cardiac monitoring, respiratory support or continuous drugs but who do not require intensive care.

Our Same Day Emergency Care Unit (SDEC) is located on Ground Floor of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing (EGA) at UCH. Its role is to ensure provision of a high quality day service to assess and manage adult medical conditions and providing same day access to urgent assessment and treatment, avoiding the need for admission to hospital.

Our Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) is also located on Ground Floor of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing (EGA) at UCH. CDU is part of the Emergency Department and is a short stay admissions area.

The aim of the Integrated Care Operations is to support the development of patient centred co-ordinated care for UCLH patients through collaborative working across the organisation and with the community, social and primary care.