Publish date: 29 November 2023

If you use the MiniMed™ 780G system please can you action the following:

1. Gather all your Guardian™ 4 sensors.

2. Find the LOT number on the individual sensor package or sensor box.

3. Check your sensor LOT number(s) on the Medtronic website at Urgent field safety notice - Guardian™ 4 Sensor (FA1379) | Medtronic Diabetes ( to see if your sensors are impacted.

4. If your LOT number(s) ARE NOT impacted, you can continue to use your sensors.

5. If your LOT number(s) ARE impacted, do not use these sensors and contact the Medtronic Helpline on telephone no 01923 205167 (Option 2), who will organise replacement sensors as soon as possible.

6. Dispose of all impacted sensors.