The following information should be read by organisations referring patients to the UCLH.

This is to notify you that University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) intends to continue to charge other providers for support services/tests where the management of the patient is not transferred to UCLH.

A copy of our 2022/2023 tariff is available to be viewed or downloaded here. The document contains the published tariff and a list of contact details for our service departments.

Our price list is applicable to non-episode referrals made by clinicians at other provider units. A non-episode referral is defined by the following criteria:

The management of the patient with respect to the episode of care resides with and will continue to reside with the referring clinician and the referring provider. As a consequence, these are patients whose attendance at UCLH are not classified as formal outpatient attendances or inpatient episodes and are not charged against any contracts with Commissioners.

The following information must be provided when making requests for provider to provider services:

  • Name of consultant making the request
  • Name of referring or requesting hospital
  • Billing address
  • Patient’s hospital identification number
  • Patient’s status: NHS or Private.

Invoicing for these services will be on a cost per case basis. Where there is a demand for significant levels of activity, enquiries regarding a formal contract should be made initially to the relevant department General Manager, using the contact details provided in the Provider to Provider 2022/23 tariff list.