We offer a complete range of investigations and evidence-based treatments for couples affected by recurrent miscarriage. We accept referrals from couples who have had three consecutive first trimester miscarriages, or one or more second trimester miscarriages, where the female partner is less than 42 years of age. We are happy to discuss individual referrals on a case by case basis.

Couples will be offered a ‘one-stop’ consultation to minimise delays in investigations and they will have access to some of the leading consultant teams in the UK if they require specialist imaging or reproductive surgery. Our clinical team works in a close liaison with Prof Hannah Cohen (Haematology Consultant) to advise women who have been diagnosed with haematological conditions such as thrombophilia. Women who have been seen in our clinic will be offered a referral to counselling services and will have access to a dedicated specialist nurse for any advice in future pregnancies.

Investigations offered:

  • Karyotype of products of conception
  • Karyotype for both partners
  • Thrombophilia screen for female partner
  • Ovarian reserve assessment for female partner
  • Gynaecological ultrasound scan for female partner
  • Uterine cavity assessment by 3D ultrasound, 3D SIS or Hysteroscopy procedure where indicated
  • Thyroid function tests

Management is based on any potential cause being found, however, for up to 70% of couples no cause can be identified. This latter group have a good chance of success (about 70% live birth rate) in their subsequent pregnancy without any further medical intervention. We recognise that some patients may seek further investigations such as immune testing as a cause for miscarriage. At the present time, there appears to be no clear evidence that the immune system plays a role in recurrent miscarriage and no treatment has been conclusively proven to be effective. We therefore do not provide immune investigations or treatments at our clinic.