Publish date: 06 April 2022

Diasend is being upgraded to Glooko. The children and young people's diabetes team at UCLH will be upgrading later in the year.

Once we have upgraded our Diasend box to Glooko, Diasend users will receive an email inviting them to upgrade to Glooko and create a Glooko account. 

The invite email will be sent to the email address used to set up your Diasend account. Before upgrading, please ensure the name, date of birth and email address are up to date in Diasend.

If you have a Home account and upload your devices from home, when you upgrade and set up your Glooko account, you will automatically be linked to the new UCLH Glooko account. 

When you log in, follow the instructions for installing the Glooko uploader. You will also need to reconnect any connected apps e.g. Dexcom app or myLife app.

If you do not have Diasend or are unable to upload devices at home, we will help link to Glooko when you next upload your device in clinic. However, if you are able to upgrade to Glooko from home, please do so. 

Please note that those using the CamAPS system should not upgrade their Diasend to Glooko. This is because CamAPS is not yet compatible with Glooko. You should already have received communication from CamAPS about this. You can continue to use Diasend but will not be able to upload in clinic.

For more information, you can view instructions here:

Upgrade process diasend® to Glooko® (patient) – Welcome to Diasend Support!

If you have any questions or issues with the upgrade process, please contact Diasend support:

I tried to upgrade my diasend® account but now I cannot log in – Welcome to Diasend Support!