Being given a diagnosis of cancer is devastating. To then face intensive and complex chemotherapy is where the real challenges for the patients, their family and friends begin. We provide expert nursing care, and advice to help support patients throughout their treatment. The team coordinate the chemotherapy treatments for all the inpatients within Cancer Services, on outlying wards and ITU, so it keeps us busy! Despite this, we aim to provide a positive patient experience through patient centered care, while sharing a few belly laughs along the way!

cn5.jpgI love my job! The role of the chemotherapy team has seen a lot of changes since I started working here many moons ago, but the passion and drive to provide the best care possible for our patients remains the same. Our team ethos is one of kindness, helpfulness, and a motivation to always make life better where we can. I believe in encouraging the team to be creative in their approach to deliver care, and opportunity to improve any element of the service that they feel would enhance the experience for their patients, and their colleagues. Together we aim to enhance the patient chemotherapy experience at UCLH while creating a friendly environment for staff to work in.  Shirley - Senior Nurse

What our nurses say...

I find it very rewarding working in the chemotherapy team. The seven of us work very closely together, sometimes too close! But saying that it’s great to be part of this team. I enjoy working daily with the wards helping to facilitate the safe and efficient delivery of chemotherapy and providing the patients with support, while improving the patient experience here at UCLH. Shaun, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Being part of the chemo team is a varied and challenging role. We have a great deal of autonomy which allows us as individuals to enhance our own professional practice whilst being an integral part of a wider multi-disciplinary team. The patients are at the centre of everything we do, not only their chemotherapy needs, but also their wider emotional and psychological needs during a very stressful time in their lives. We can make a difference to this and the experience a little easier for them. Of course, communication is at the heart of our role, and everyone knows we like a chat! Anita, Clinical Nurse Specialist