Publish date: 12 September 2023

After a 2 year transition period, Diasend will no longer be available at the end of 2023. 

  • On the September 30, users will no longer be able to upload data remotely from the diasend® application or the diasend® Uploader. 

  • On the 31 October, CamAPS FX will no longer be compatible with diasend®.
  • On the 12 December, diasend® users will no longer be able to access their diasend® accounts. 

For those still using Diasend, please take action now:

  • when you log into diasend®, you will see a message telling you your clinic has upgraded to Glooko. Please click on 'Upgrade to Glooko' and follow instructions.
  • if you don't have this message, you can sign up at You will need to enter our clinic code (ukuclhped) to link accounts
  • You will need to delete the diasend® uploader from your computer and install the Glooko Uploader

There is more information on the help pages of the Glooko website: