Warning alert

Problems joining your video clinic?

If there is a technical issue during your video clinic appointment, your healthcare professional will call you on the phone to start a telephone consultation instead. The number displayed when we call you will start with 0203.

Using MyCare UCLH with Microsoft Teams for video clinics

If you have been invited to attend a video clinic, you will need to do this via your MyCare UCLH account, and a free online video call platform called Microsoft Teams. 

If you don’t have a MyCare UCLH account yet, you’ll need to create one. This might take a day or two, so please prepare for your appointment a few days in advance.

See our detailed guide with step-by-step instructions here: How to access your video appointment using MyCare UCLH with Microsoft Teams

What do I need for my video call?

  • A laptop, computer, tablet, or internet-enabled mobile phone (smartphone), with a web-camera, speakers and microphone connected.
  • A good connection to the internet. For a better experience, we recommend using Microsoft Teams while your device is connected to Wi-Fi. If you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi connection, you can use your mobile internet data. A video call on Microsoft Teams will use a similar amount of data as Skype®, Zoom®, or FaceTime®. 
  • If you are using a laptop or home computer, you don’t need a specific application to use Teams, you only need an internet browser (please use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari).
  • Access to MyCare UCLH. If you don’t have an account yet, you will need to create one. To do so, you will need an activation code from us. This is because we need to verify your identity before we give you access to your medical record. Please look through your text messages, or letters to see if we sent you one. If you are unable to find this, you will need to fill out this form to receive one: MyCare UCLH - Choose a Signup Method. This may take up to a day or two.

Please note that you may not be able to download the MyChart app (this is the app you need to use for MyCare UCLH on your mobile) or use Microsoft Teams on a smartphone that has a software or “Operating System” (iOS or OS) that has not been updated in longer than two years. This is because of security reasons.  Our Tech Buddies can help you update your phone if you need to. Email us at uclh.MyCare@nhs.net and we’ll connect you.  

Before your appointment

This may be the first time you attend a video clinic appointment using MyCare UCLH with Microsoft Teams. A few days before your appointment, we advise that you spend 10 minutes to set up your technology and check everything is working. 

See our detailed guide with full instructions here: How to access your video appointment using MyCare UCLH with Microsoft Teams

If you need technical help before the day of your appointment, please contact the MyCare Helpdesk via email at uclh.MyCare@nhs.net (monitored 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday). They can connect you with one of our Tech Buddies, who will be able to help you.  

If there are any technical issues on the day of your appointment, your healthcare professional will call you on your phone. The number displayed will start with 0203. More information about receiving calls from us can be found here.

We will have included the phone number that we have on file for you in the video appointment letter.  

If your contact details are incorrect, or you prefer to use a different telephone number for your appointment, or you need to change or cancel your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible on 020 3447 9393 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) or online at https://uclh.frank-digital.co.uk/appointments or by email uclh.appointments@nhs.net.   

Accessing your video appointment

You can find the link to access your video clinic in your MyCare UCLH account. Your clinical team may also email or text this link to you.

Please refer to the patient guide for full instructions on accessing your appointment. 

You can also watch the 3-minute video below that shows you how to join your video clinic using MyCare UCLH and Microsoft Teams.

Using MyCare and Microsoft Teams for video clinics

Use our patient portal, MyCare, to join video clinic appointments at UCLH. The video call with your clinician will be on Microsoft Teams, but you will connect through your MyCare UCLH account.