Warning alert

A NICE TA (TA875) has been published on 8 March 2023 regarding offering Semaglutide for managing overweight and obesity. UCLH are not providing this currently and unfortunately all referrals will be rejected.

There are ongoing conversations across North Central London Integrated Care Board to discuss the commissioning of this new service. 

If our ability to offer this changes in the future we will update this information on our website.

The UCLH Bariatric Centre for Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery is one of the largest obesity and bariatric centres in the county, with an international reputation for the quality and expertise of our clinical service, our research and the clinical training that we provide.

We offer comprehensive medical and surgical services for the treatment of adults with obesity, with the aim of improving health through weight management. Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of consultant obesity physicians, consultant bariatric surgeons, bariatric anaesthetists, psychologists, clinical nurse specialists (CNS), bariatric dietitians, exercise therapists and pathway co-ordinators.

We aim to provide the best possible treatment for each patient based upon the latest clinical evidence, while ensuring that patients are seen within suitably equipped, dedicated outpatient and inpatient areas.

As a result of Covid-19, many of our clinics have switched to a virtual format and, as a result of positive patient feedback, we plan to continue to offer some of our services virtually. Our team members are available to provide advice and we also run regular patient support groups. Our consultant bariatric surgeons provide a 24-hour, 7-day a week specialised bariatric service.

Our service is fully compliant with NICE guidelines and has received accreditation as a Centre for Obesity Management by the European Association for the Study of Obesity. Our patients are invited to participate in research studies aimed at developing new treatment for weight management and for diabetes. We are committed to delivering high-quality patient care, excellent education and world-class research.

Service management


UCLH Bariatric Centre for Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery
University College Hospital
UCLH contact centre
Ground floor central 
250 Euston Road
London, NW1 2PG

  • Implement state-of-the-art ,evidence-based care for patients with obesity
  • Monitor and optimise all obesity-related medical conditions and risk factors
  • Provide high-quality patient and public information
  • Improve access to care pathways by optimising referral processes and developing close working between levels of care
  • Develop comprehensive multidisciplinary local collaboration
  • Facilitate and empower patients to make healthy lifestyle changes
  • Educate staff about treating patients with obesity
  • Encourage development of, and support, patient associations, by sharing experience and expertise
  • Offer or collaborate with preventive care services
  • Promote obesity-related knowledge and awareness among the public and healthcare providers
  • Improve the collaboration interface between clinical researchers and scientists
  • Integrate healthcare, teaching and research
  • Undertake and facilitate clinical research projects

Obesity and obesity-related conditions. 

Other services include advanced laparoscopic surgery for upper gastrointestinal benign disease (including antireflux surgery) and laparoscopic day case surgery for herniae and chloelithiasis.

  • The UCLH bariatric patient support group meets on a regular basis.
  • Nurse specialist and dietician access numbers are made available to patients.
  • There is a bariatric team for inpatient care.
  • The hospital is fully equipped with furniture and equipment suitable for the heaviest patients.

Patient aftercare will be shared between ourselves and the patients's GP. Regular follow-up will be arranged prior to discharge.