You will need to be referred by your General Practitioner (GP) or consultant to be seen in the Endometriosis Centre. Once the referral is received, an appointment will be sent directly to you from the Appointment Centre. If you need to make enquiries about your appointment, please call 020 3447 9411 or email

The waiting list for surgery depends upon the complexity and preoperative preparation and investigations required. Once a date has been allocated, you will be contacted by the admission officers.

If you wish to discuss your operation date, please call them on 020 3447 9411 or email Please leave a message with your name, hospital number/NHS number or DOB and your contact number in the email and they will return your call.

Please do not email or leave a message for the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) as they are unable to organise operation dates.

If the injection is to be started, a letter is sent to your GP, and copied to yourself advising your GP/Practice Nurse when to start it.

If this is to be given 3 - 4 months before your operation, the admission officers will advise you when to start them once a date has been allocated.

Most new patients are initially seen by the Clinical Nurse Specialists. This will enable you to have a full consultation, discuss endometriosis, arrange any investigations and discuss and sometimes initiate your treatment options. This will allow time for you to ask any questions, and for you to think about your chosen option.

A review appointment will be arranged to see a member of the medical team in due course.

For general questions you may find your answer on our website. It will fully explain the service offered, and the symptoms, diagnosis and details about the treatment options. If you have been seen in the Endometriosis Centre, you will have been given a card with the telephone number and email of the CNS. Please send any medical queries through your MyCare app. If you do not have a MyCare account, please email:

Please do not send duplicate messages across both platforms.

You should only contact the CNS if:

  • You wish to ask further questions about your diagnosis or your treatment plan.
  • You have been advised by the doctor to let them know you have completed any further investigations requested.
  • You have had your operation and have been seen or admitted back in a hospital elsewhere due to problems or complications.
  • Please do NOT contact the CNS to routinely arrange and change your appointments as they will not be able to do this. (See Q1).