If we have sent you a personal activation code on your After Visit Summary, by letter, email, or text, you can activate your MyCare account on the MyCare UCLH - signup page.

If you have not received an activation code, use your NHS number to request to sign up here.

Accessing MyCare UCLH

Using the internet browser on your computer at https://mycare.uclh.nhs.uk/mycare/

You can also access it through an app on your mobile. The mobile version of MyCare UCLH runs on the MyChart app provided by Epic. You can download the MyChart app free of charge from the app store at the links below.

Once you’ve downloaded MyChart and accepted the terms and conditions, select “University College London Hospitals – MyCare UCLH” under available organisations.

How do I register for MyCare UCLH? 

When registering, you will need your activation code, date of birth, and email address.

You receive your activation code from the ‘After visit summary’ letter or in an email sent by the clinical team.

Or alternatively, when you next come in for an appointment, one of the UCLH clinical staff can activate your MyCare UCLH account.

Is it free to use?

Yes. It is free to use and can be accessed from a mobile device, tablet or computer.

You can download the App from the App store (Apple devices) and Google Play (Android devices).

Can I sign up online without attending the hospital?

Yes. You can use your NHS number to request to sign up here. 

If you are a carer or a parent, you will be able to gain ‘proxy access’ to the medical records of others (with their permission). Please see the section on proxy access for more details.

Can someone else sign up for MyCare UCLH on my behalf?

No. Given that the information available on the portal is your sensitive medical records, we need to make sure that access is only given to the correct person. So in order to activate your portal account, we need to see you in person to verify we are giving access to the right person

What equipment or software do I need in order to use MyCare UCLH?

A mobile phone, tablet or computer will be needed with internet connection in order to use the patient portal. On your computer you need an up-to-date internet browser, such as Internet Explorer. You can also download the App onto your mobile phone or tablet from the App store (Apple devices) and Google Play (Android devices).

Is there a guide on using MyCare UCLH?

There is a quick-start guide in the portal, once you’ve logged in.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

For any MyCare UCLH queries, please email our helpdesk at uclh.mycare@nhs.net.