Allied Health professionals

A number of other professionals may be involved in your care. This includes allied health professionals and different types of therapist.

Dr. Ronan Burke is the neuropsychology lead for the neuro-oncology service. He qualified as a clinical psychologist from University College London and initially worked in an older adults dementia care team and diagnostic memory clinic, before moving to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) in 2013.

With his interest in providing maximal neuropsychological support for patients with brain tumour, through cognitive assessment, rehabilitation and psychological interventions to facilitate adjustment, he has expanded the neuropsychological service, especially to optimise psychological support for patients with low grade tumours. His opinion is often sought from clinicians within London Cancer seeking advice on neuropsychological issues.

He has given talks on his work with brain tumour patients to Brain Tumour Charity patient information days, at London Cancer events and he has lectured on the UCL doctoral clinical psychology training course. He is also involved in ongoing research projects within the neuro-oncology service.