This service is provided through Language Line Interpreting Solutions (LLS) who work with many public and private sector organisations to provide interpreting services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service is delivered through either face-to-face interpreters or via the telephone interpreting service which connects you to a qualified interpreter in under a minute.

If you are a limited English speaker and require an interpreter, please request one from the department you are attending within UCLH. The simplest was to do this is to ask the person helping you. If you require a British Sign Language interpreter, please let your GP know your preferred method of communication, eg BSL, SSE, or Lip Reader. Your GP will ensure that your preferred means of communication is included in your referral letter.

Telephone interpreting service can be used any time of the day from any location using any type of telephone, which means you are able to make yourself understood whenever you need to speak to someone at UCLH. However, access may be limited depending on the opening hours of the department you need help from.

Please note you cannot call Language Line directly to request an interpreter, this service must be arranged via the hospital.

To access the service when you are at the hospital please follow the instructions below:

  • Point to the language you require or inform the person helping you of your language
  • The person helping you will call Language Line to request an interpreter who will ensure you are understood
  • The interpreter will introduce the person helping you. You are now able to talk directly to the person helping you
  • Please remember the interpreter is completely impartial so will not offer advice or guidance and will interpret exactly what is said by both parties.

To access the service when calling the hospital on the telephone:

  • Inform the person helping you that you need an interpreter and tell them the language you speak. The word ‘interpreter’ is universal and will be understood by the person helping you
  • Follow the process as above.
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