The Critical Care Follow-up Clinic is run for patients who have been admitted to the University College Hospital (UCH) Critical Care Unit for 3 days or more.

These patients will automatically receive a letter inviting them to attend the clinic. However, if a patient was in critical care for less than 3 days they are still very welcome to book an appointment.

A Medical Consultant, a Clinical Nurse Specialist and a Clinical Psychologist manage the clinic. It is very informal and allows a timely consultation with clinic staff. There is also access to an on-call physiotherapist to assess patients, should this be clinically necessary. In addition, there is a Specialist Registrar often in attendance. Relatives/loved ones are very much encouraged to come along and participate in the consultation.

  • Review progress of patients who have been in critical care. Patients can discuss with clinic staff about their recovery, memories and any problems they may have.
  • Provide support and guidance to patients and relatives/loved ones.
  • Provide a Medical, Psychological and Nursing review.
  • Obtain patient and relative/loved ones feedback.

Some patients visit the clinic to find out more about what actually happened to them whilst they were in critical care as many do not have any recollection of their stay. In addition, the clinic staff can discuss what the patient should expect from their recovery after a stay in Critical Care. Sometimes patients will have memories of frightening dreams or hallucinations. These issues can be discussed in a comfortable environment, at length, in the Critical Care Follow up Clinic. Patients are also given the opportunity to re-visit the Critical Care Unit should they wish to do so.

The clinic also allows the patient and relative/loved ones the opportunity to give feedback regarding their experience of the care and treatment they received whilst in the unit. With this information, changes in practice can occur and ultimately improve the service given to future patients and relatives/loved ones.

Patients have found this clinic to be of great benefit.

Patients who have been in Critical Care for 3 days or more will automatically receive a letter inviting them to attend the clinic. However, if you have been a patient at UCH Critical Care Unit for less than 3 days and would like an appointment for the clinic, please contact:

Critical Care Ward Administrator
Telephone: 020 3447 9012 / 020 3447 0300 between 09.00am - 4.00pm

The staff at the follow-up clinic aim to see patients 3 months after being discharged from hospital.

The clinic is held every second Tuesday morning in Clinic H on the 1st floor of the podium, in the Outpatient area, of UCH.