The TB network for North Central London aims to reduce the capital’s high number of new cases and make it easier for patients to receive treatment.

UCLH is part of the TB network which comprises of two TB ‘hubs’ - one in the north of North Central London and one in the south.

The ‘South Hub’ runs from a brand new, purpose-built clinic at the Whittington Hospital. It incorporates the clinic which was formerly based at UCLH’s Rosenheim building, which has now closed.

Whittington Health is the lead Trust for the new service. Dr Helen Booth, a thoracic medicine consultant from UCLH, is the Clinical Lead.

Specialist medical and nursing teams from University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH), Whittington Health, Great Ormond Street, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine University College London, and Camden Provider Services and the Bloomsbury HIV clinic work out of the South Hub. 

The service has close links with the UCLH Find & Treat service which provides a specialist TB outreach service
The service offers all outpatient services for TB patients including those with complex medical needs such as paediatric disease, HIV/TB dual infection and multi-drug resistant TB. It offers and community-based care with outreach workers and a social care team.

The Hospital for Tropical Diseases, the OPAT service and the South Hub clinic co-manage patients with non-tuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) infections and there is a dedicated multidisciplinary team for this at UCLH.

Many research studies on approaches to diagnosis and management TB are active in this service.

To increase accessibility of the service to try and prevent disease and diagnose patients earlier, the South Hub is offering walk-in clinics, extended opening times and self-referral Conditions treated

We see and care for adults and children with suspected or proven TB. Read more about the services we provide in clinic.