Publish date: 10 October 2022

Air Liquide have informed us that:

1.   Specifically for Tandem T:slim insulin pumps with a software version of 6.4.1 or 7.4.3 or lower – the following risks have been identified with these pumps that include a Malfunction 6 alarm (a form of memory corruption); inaccurate/fluctuating battery life display; the touchscreen remaining on indefinitely; and control IQ turning off unexpectedly.  

  • Check the software version directly on your pump (options > my pump > pump info and arrow down to t:slim software version) 
  • You need to be using v7.6 if Control IQ is turned on. If you have a lower software version than this, you need to update the software on your pump
  • The latest software update can be accessed via a system called the Tandem Device Updater (TDU). If you have previously updated your pump, you will have already downloaded the TDU. If you haven’t accessed the TDU before, you can download it for Mac or PC via the links below;
  • Once the TDU is installed on a PC or laptop, you can login and enter your Update ID to initiate the download to your pump. To request your Update ID, please contact the Customer Service team on 0800 012 1560 (UK) or alternatively, you can email at stating your name, address and pump serial number.

2.   The new software (version 7.6) will enable new features including bolus icons displayed on the CGM graph; custom the alarm to resume insulin for instance after stopping for a bath/shower and updates to the options for the cannula fill   

3.   There is an error in the written Instructions For Use (IFU) leaflet, sent out with Autosoft 90 infusion sets, relating to the cannula fill amount. The correct fill amount for these infusion sets is 0.3 units for the 6mm infusion set and 0.5 units for the 9mm infusion set.

Please check that you are priming your infusion set with the correct amount.