The heart failure service provides comprehensive care for patients with heart failure.

We take referrals for patients at any stage from pre-diagnosis onwards. We work within a framework dictated by your GP – from comprehensive care to single review visits to deal with specific problems.

We have a particular interest in intractable and difficult heart failure, especially where co-morbidity limits therapy (for example kidney failure). The recently set up advanced heart failure clinic deals with patients who need assessment for new therapies, such as devices (pacemakers and defibrillators), cardiac surgery, haemofiltration, stem cells and ventricular assistive devices. 

We also help patients with advanced heart failure, heart failure caused by cytotoxic drugs, and patients with heart failure and renal failure. 

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Rapid access and one-stop clinics
The heart failure clinic has direct access to echocardiography and resting ECG. Therefore many patients can be treated in a 'one-stop' fashion if the GP or patient thinks this appropriate. Waiting times for urgent appointments at the heart failure clinic are typically a few days to two weeks.

Access to patient results
The GP and patient will get a detailed letter within a few days with the results of the consultation.

Tertiary referrals
We accept referrals from all over North Central London, and from across the UK and internationally. Please email

  • Heart failure 
  • Left ventricular systolic dysfunction 
  • Assessment of breathlessness 

The heart failure team will routinely refer you to a local community heart failure nurse specialist, if there is one in your area. These nurses will visit you at home, provide you with information on managing the condition of heart failure, and provide you with a telephone number for support.

Care is usually followed up in the general or advanced heart failure clinics. However, frequently patients require little ongoing care from our service and are followed up by the community heart failure nurses and the GP.