Publish date: 21 July 2023

We are very excited that the Omnipod 5 has now been launched. The team have been busy over the last few months getting training and ensuring that the pump is on our procurement system. We have over 100 young people on our waiting list who wish to swap over to the new system, so we have needed to create a priority system to do this fairly.

We are currently reaching out to young people who are on an out-of-warranty Medtronic/Tandem T-slim/Roche pump (who would not receive a replacement pump from the company if their pump break). 

Our second group of young people to upgrade will be those who are currently on Omnipod Eros/Dash pumps. Due to the high demand, we anticipate that the second group will be starting in the Autumn.

Whilst you are waiting here are things to consider:

  1. The Omnipod 5 is compatible with Dexcom G6. If you are currently using Dexcom G7, these sensors need to be used up before you can go back to Dexcom G6.
  2. To use the Omnipod 5, you will need to carry around both the controller (to bolus from) and a phone (to see all Dexcom alarms/alerts). We recommend that families attend an Omnipod live demo before we organise an upgrade. Details of this can be found at
  3. You may want to have a discussion with your consultant about whether this is the best hybrid closed loop system for you. As more children start on this system the team will learn about the unique strengths and limitations of the system, compared to others that are already available.