First appointments

If you are a patient and want to change or cancel a first appointment in the service please contact the patient booking team on 0203 448 4777.


We understand that in exceptional circumstances patients may need to cancel their appointment on the day. The most efficient way of contacting the department is to email which creates a record and is checked continually by the administration department. It also potentially allows the slot to be used by another patient who is waiting. Patients are also able to telephone but due to the high volume of calls it is not always possible to answer and answerphone messages are checked less often.

If you are not able to do this online you can telephone us on 0203 448 4776.

Cancellation waiting list

People often ring in the hope that an appointment or procedure can be brought forward. In the interests of equity this is not possible unless there is a cancellation. If you would like to be on a cancellation waiting list for new patient appointments, reviews or a procedure, please email

As a team we understand that it is distressing for patients who have pain to have to wait to see a consultant and we are doing our very best to keep the waiting lists as short as possible.

Medication and treatment enquiries

Enquiries regarding medication and treatments need to be responded to within appointment times. Unfortunately we are not generally able to respond to queries outside of these times.

If you feel have a very urgent need or concern please seek medical advice from your GP in the first instance.