We provide intensive chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation to adult in-patients. We also have a dedicated Young Adult Unit within the ward. For all patients our aim is to monitor patients closely and respond promptly to complications. We aim to do this at all times in a friendly and professional manner aimed to engender trust and confidence in us from our patients.

cn2.jpgI worked on the ward a long time before I realised I wanted to be Sister. Being the Ward Sister enables me to provide the kind of nursing service that our patients depend on. Our patients never fail to impress me with their resilience and they deserve the best and safest nursing available. We have a fantastic team of motivated nurses who I’m very proud to lead. They keep me on my toes!  Kerry - Ward Sister


What our staff say...

‘This is my first nursing job after qualifying. I knew I wanted to be a haematology nurse as soon as I came to the ward as a student. They looked after me then and they look after me now! I look forward to have the experience and skills they have so that I can provide similar support to our students and new staff in the future’. Rob. Staff Nurse

‘I love this ward! It provides superb care to patients and their families. It can be busy (of course) but we work together as a team and try hard to communicate well. Its the most nurse-led environment I’ve worked in and we’re proud of that. It certainly helps our nurses develop and eventually leave here as confident and very skilled nurses’. Janet. Deputy Sister