UCLH has a comprehensive lung cancer service and we see both local secondary referrals and tertiary referrals from across the UK. Our results  in the National Lung Cancer Audit  database are outstanding.

We are delighted to be chosen as a Cancer Research UK's first Lung Cancer Centre of Excellences together with Manchester in recognition of our strong track record, expertise and ambition in Lung Cancer research. The new centre is a key component of cancer Research UK's renewed focus to beat lung cancer.

We offer a rapid diagnosis clinic and all current therapies including state of the art imaging,  surgery,  radiotherapy techniques, chemotherapy (where we run several national trials), and a broad range of bronchoscopic diagnostic and treatment.

UCLH heads several national trials in chemotherapeutics (Prof Siow Ming Lee), screening,  early diagnosis and staging of lung cancer (Dr Jeremy George, Prof Sam Janes and Dr Neal Navani) and genomics (Prof Charles Swanton).

All patients referred with suspected lung cancer are reviewed urgently in the UCLH Macmillan Cancer Centre. This centre offers the most rapid diagnostics available (including CT and MRI scanning) for patients with suspected lung cancer. We are able to rapidly reassure approximately 2/3rds of the patients we see that they do not have cancer at their first appointment. Patients with lung cancer are supported throughout by a dedicated team of specialist doctors and senior nurses and patients are given a direct dial number to their nominated keyworker.

Other referral information

Please provide patient’s full demographic details, including ethnic origin & NHS Number.  Please state if interpreter is required; if so, what language is needed. Transport required for first appointments must be booked by GP. Please indicate where patients have a disability.


Relevant NHS e-Referral Service (formally Choose and Book referrals) Terms

  • Suspected or confirmed lung cancer patients will be seen within two weeks in SJ41P, PJG1P, NN11P, NN11R.1A or PJG8M
  • Exclusions: Children

Referral for suspected lung cancer are seen within two weeks

Referral address

Target referrals
Cancer Waiting Times 
Cancer Services, 2nd floor North 
250 Euston Road 
London NW1 2PG