We provide a comprehensive asthma service to meet the needs of all patients. 

There is a weekly specialist asthma outpatient clinic and a monthly multidisciplinary complex asthma service.  Our monthly multidisciplinary service allows the wider team to collaborate to plan the management of patients with more complex needs. 

We provide a personalised approach to treatment, based on careful characterisation and diagnosis, and the identification and management of related conditions.  

We work closely with the respiratory physiology unit, as well as the interventional bronchoscopy service. This means we can undertake comprehensive investigations that will help with diagnosis and planning of care. 

Patients whose asthma control deteriorates can be quickly referred to the service, and clinical nurse specialist support is available to all patients.

At UCLH, we routinely involve a variety of specialist teams in care for our patients, including physiotherapy, psychology and dietician services. We also work closely with the complex infection and interstitial lung disease services, where appropriate. For patients who have significant allergic or nasal and sinus related problems, we work closely with the allergy and ear, nose and throat (ENT) teams.

Service management

Other contact information

Fax: 020 3447 9476


Respiratory Medicine
250 Euston Road
3rd Floor Central

Other referral information

Tertiary referrals

We have referrals from within UCLH (referrals from the emergency department, acute medicine and other services) and across North Central London.

We treat the spectrum of asthma conditions, including:

  • Eosinophilic, allergic asthma
  • Difficult and severe asthma
  • Metabolic and non-allergic asthma 
  • Asthma-associated conditions: eosinophilic granulomatous polyangiitis (EGPA) and other eosinophilic lung diseases
  • Asthma associated with breathing pattern disorder
  • Asthma associated with ABPA and other complex infections

Around 50 patients with asthma are assessed each month (including approximately 15 new referrals), between the general asthma and complex asthma clinics.

Patient aftercare depends on the severity of the asthma. Some patients will be discharged back to their GP to be managed in the community and others will be discharged after further treatments and review. 

Some patients will need ongoing hospital support, which may be in the form of face-to-face or telephone consultations at regular intervals. 

All patients have access to our clinical nurse specialists during working hours.

Patient feedback

“I have recently been diagnosed with severe asthma and was put under the care of the asthma team at UCLH. During this very difficult time I was given excellent care and felt in control of my health. Staff were professional, friendly and always ready to listen to what I had to say in regards to my treatment.”