Term: 01/09/2018 - 31/08/2021

I was appointed a public governor in September 2015 and am now in my final (sixth) year. My background is that I am a retired doctor (London-based general practitioner) and senior academic (medical undergraduate education, UCL School of Medicine). 

In addition to attending obligatory UCLH Council of Governor meetings, I also find it very valuable to attend the public UCLH Trust Board meetings. I am an elected Public Governor representative on the Trust's Nomination, Appointments & Recruitment Committee [NARC] which oversees the appointment of the Non-Executive Directors [NEDs] and Trust Chair. As an observer, I attend monthly Clinical Governance Meetings for the Elderly (Medicine & Clinical Pharmacology).

During my appointment, UCLH has been in a state of flux and on-going development, initiated by a significant change in the style of senior management when Marcel Levi was appointed Chief Executive (CEO).  His expertise in Clinical Senior Management was instrumental in establishing the Electronic Hospital Record System within 18 months of his arrival; then building on this to establish a working relationship with all categories of hospital staff in a shared commitment to providing high-quality patient care.  This is the solid foundation on which the current performance of UCLH in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic has been based.

I have been very fortunate in observing and participating in this amazing journey at close quarters, and I have benefitted by gaining considerable insight into organisational management in the NHS.